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The best opportunity to retain control over your funeral arrangements, ensuring that your wishes are carried out.
So many of us are willing to plan for holidays, financial investments or even retirement plans – yet most people avoid planning for our own farewell.
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How It Works

When it comes to planning the funeral of your choice, most people leave the responsibility of this important event to a relative or friend. Of course, thinking of our own funeral is not easy, but it is an inevitable event – one in which many families can testify are made much more difficult and stressful due to not knowing what their loved one’s wishes were. 

If you elect to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral arrangements, it further relieves your grieving family from the financial burden of having to find the funds to cover such expenses.


The pre-paid provider for Elliott's Northshore Funeral Services is the Bank of New Zealand Client Fund Services.


If you already have a pre-paid funeral plan, these funds can be transferred and used for your funeral.

General Information

We pride ourselves in being able to offer time and personal touches, serving every family with care, compassion and concern. We are dedicated to providing you with the exact type of service you like, whether it be a small private family service at home, a chapel service, church service or a service held at a place meaningful to you.
  • Saves your family the extra burden of having to make decisions during an already emotionally challenging time.
  • You are provided with the best opportunity to retain control over your funeral arrangements, ensuring that all your wishes are carried out.
  • Government legislation allows funeral pre-payments of up to $10,000 per person (not that a funeral has to come to that much) and this is not asset tested.
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