We recognise that losing a loved one affects us not only emotionally but also financially

Service Pricing

We recognize that losing a loved one can affect us, not only emotionally, but financially as well. To make this easier for the family, our professional fee is a proportion of the total cost and includes...
Our Professional Service
$3,277 (includes GST)

  • Taking instructions from the family.
  • Arranging the medical documents and home/hospital transfer. Transfers within the Auckland area.
  • Dressing of the deceased. Liaising with the Priest, Church, Chapel, Celebrant, Florist, Newspapers, Arranging the Medical or Coroners documents for cremation or burial.
  • Conducting of the Funeral and Hearse hire.
  • Registering the death with the Registrar.
  • 24 hour availability and all costs associated with operating a funeral home. There are no extra charges for after hours.
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We have a wide traditional range available, while we also offer eco-friendly caskets if preferred.
Grosvenor $975 - Richmond $1,110 - Aston $1,300
We have the traditional range available and recycled rimu caskets, eco radiata pine, and caskets covered in an art design.


We also allow for disbursements or payments made on your behalf – including doctor’s fees, minister’s gratuity, flowers, reception or service fees, cremation or burial charges, etc.

We will also give you a courtesy call before the funeral, simply to confirm all the details and answer any question you may have.
As your chosen Auckland funeral service providers, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything on the day of the funeral.

We will ensure that the funeral proceeds on time, in a proper and dignified manner, legally and with respects for any religious customs, and in accordance with all your expectations.

If you require any other services, please do not hesitate to ask our advice.

Other Costs

The following are prices for the North Shore Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium, Schnapper Rock Rd, Albany and these costs are paid on behalf of the estate. There is an additional cost per the list below.
  • NSMP Cemetery Plot & Digging Fees start from $5,425
  • Saturday Burial $435
  • Grave Marker $80
  • North Shore Cremation Fee included $662
  • North Shore Chapel Fee with Web Cast and Photo show $428
  • North Shore Saturday Cremation Fee $434
  • North Shore Lucas Reception Lounge $320
  • Reception (50 persons) $490 Or church catering per person $13
  • Casket flowers from $200
  • Embalming (only if required) $780
  • Natural Body Care $250
  • Priest, Minister, Celebrant from $350 - $517
  • Organist $180
  • Doctor’s fee for issuing cremation papers $0 - 250
  • Medical Referee’s fee $40
  • NZ Death Certificate $33
  • Visual Recording $750
  • NZ Herald approximate per insertion $180
  • Orders of Service 2 colored A5. Setup fee $80 and $2 each

Our Services

Simple Cremation

Cremation is fast becoming widely accepted in place of burial.

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Eco Funerals

People are increasingly considering the effects the funeral process can have on the environment.

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The best opportunity to retain control over your funeral arrangements, ensuring that your wishes are carried out.

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Serving Every Family with Care, Compassion and Concern

We are with you every step of the way with our professional assistance, escorting you through the arrangements and providing you as much or as little as guidance as you need.
Every life is unique and we will help you to tailor a customised funeral for your loved one, ensuring that all aspects of the process are carried out with dignity and in accordance with your wishes.

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